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Welcome to Woven by WPF

The Money Community for Women & Nonbinary People, Where Nothing is Off Topic.

Welcome to Woven By WPF – Where Mission Meets Community

When you step into Woven, you're not just joining another community; you're investing in a movement. With 75,000 members speaking up in our Facebook group, the dialogue is significant. Yet, Woven is where you become a part of something. As a mission supporter, your commitment goes beyond community access. It's a bold statement, a feminist stand for financial empowerment and advocacy.

Your support plays a crucial role in fostering a deeper, enriched, and safer environment. Here, women and nonbinary individuals unite to navigate, learn, and redefine financial narratives. By choosing to back our mission, you become a sustaining community member, fueling the drive for an equitable financial future and getting access to a space that continually strives for excellence.

Become a mission supporter. Be part of the change. Dive into Woven and experience the added benefit of connecting with like-minded individuals in our exclusive space, where every financial conversation is a step towards empowerment. Join us, and let's craft this new narrative together.

With Woven, you also gain:

  • Live Programming where you can interact with the experts.
  • Chat Rooms for real-time exchanges, sharing insights and learning from peers.
  • Forums that dive deep into topics, fostering collaborative discussions.
  • Exclusive Resources tailored to guide and elevate your financial journey.

Alternative Spaces. Ownership. Intention.

Women's Personal Finance started as a Facebook group in 2018. Since then, that space has grown to over 75,000 members!

We'd love for you to join us and take the first step towards a more invested intentional money journey here on Woven, while supporting our mission of education, empowerment, and community.

Your support ensures:

  • Sustainable Growth: We aim to provide a living wage for those dedicated to running this community, recognizing the effort and passion they pour into it.
  • Empowering More Women: As we grow, we want to bring in and compensate more women and non binary people, ensuring that their expertise is valued and rewarded.

About Us:

Hi, We're Angela & Regina!

In the vast expanse of personal finance Twitter, we – Regina and Angela – found kindred spirits in each other. Embarking on our blogging journeys at the same time, our bond deepened not just through shared financial insights, interests in sustainability, and inclusive feminism, but through the heartfelt support Angela offered Regina during her son's cancer battle.

Though we've achieved significant milestones, we still feel like everyday people. By our mid-thirties, each of us reached a net worth of over a million dollars. Beyond our personal financial successes, we've been dedicated to giving back. We've proudly served on nonprofit boards, making tangible impacts in our respective communities. Our belief in servant leadership underpins everything we do, emphasizing the importance of serving others and leading by example.

Both of us have been independently honored with the 'Community Builder Award' from the Plutus Foundation, and together, our initiative, WPF, secured the 'Best Personal Finance Content for Women' accolade. Additionally, Money Magazine celebrated our efforts, including us in their 50 'Changemakers' as part of their 50th anniversary celebration.

But at the heart of it all is our shared mission: to make finance approachable and human. We stand firm in the belief that you don't need gurus; you need genuine, trusted allies on this journey. That's the essence of WPF – a nurturing space of trust, empowerment, and shared financial growth. Join us, and let's make a difference together.

Choose Your Support Tier:

Everyone's financial journey is unique, and we respect the ebb and flow of personal circumstances. Our community thrives on shared experiences, knowledge, and mutual support. In this spirit of inclusivity, we offer three tiers of mission support. Regardless of the tier you select, you’ll receive the same enriching perks and experiences. It's all about backing the mission in alignment with your personal journey.

  1. Community Ally: For newcomers and those looking to take their first step in supporting our mission.
  2. Empowerment Advocate: A deeper commitment reflecting a desire to empower our community further.

  3. Legacy Leader: For those who wish to make a profound impact, championing our collective goals.

Flexible Membership & Price Assurance: We understand life is dynamic. If ever you need to adjust your support tier, you can switch between plans on a monthly or annual basis. Plus, once you choose a tier, your price is locked in, ensuring consistency and clarity in your commitment.

Join us, and let's journey together towards a brighter, more inclusive financial future for all.